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The Second World War

the bloody global conflict of the last century, the echo of which is still heard today.

Born of the mother of catastrophes of the 20th century - the First World War -

World War II claimed the lives of at least 50 million people,

among whom 10 million were Ukrainians.

Tanks of various countries of both blocs traveled through Ukraine.

The front line shifted several times.

Every region of Ukraine suffered from invaders and occupiers.

The Second World War

In the westernmost region of Ukraine, the tragedies of the Second World War began even before the official declaration of war, namely on March 15, 1939. Czechoslovakia was in tatters, and Hungary began aggression, occupying Transcarpathia step by step. Later, German tanks also passed through the territories of the region.
The occupation regime was years of terror, violence, and suffering. Uzhhorod, Mukachevo, Khust, Rakhiv, Yasinia, Mizhhiria, and other cities and villages of Transcarpathia were sprinkled with the blood of the inhabitants and their occupiers. Of course, the Jewish population suffered the most.

Rivne region 
The Second World War

Ukrainians, including citizens of Ostroh, were in different armies. They fought in both the German and Soviet armies, some for the Third Reich, others for the Soviet Union. My relatives fought against some and others. They supported the Ukrainian insurgent army and fought for the Ukrainian Ostroh, for the independent Ukraine in which we live today.


The Second Soviets came to Ostroh after agreeing with the Nazis on the division of Poland in September 1939. (Then they were still friends and the best generals and officers of the Nazi army were trained in Russia and sat at the same "desks" with Soviet officers. All subsequent events showed that the Germans still learned military science better).

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